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Women Semi-finals
Top 4

In the first semi-final Maria Bulanova of Russia played Nicole Sanders of the Netherlands. Nicol won the first game 239 to 205. Maria needed a strike in the ninth frame, but the ten pin deprived her of the chance to win this game. In the second game, Maria took the lead and did not let go of it, winning 223:191. In the third game, we could see the players were quite nervous, making some bad shots and missing spares. In the end, Maria was the luckier one beating Nicol 216:204.

In semi-final two, Cajsa Wegner of Sweden took Nadine Geißler of Germany. In game 1 Cajsa did not give Nadine any chance and beat her 265:214. In Game 2, the chances to win were equal for both players. Cajsa made an unfortunate 2-8-10 split in the tenth, thus passing the win to Nadine (224:206). The third game was also very dramatic, but Cajsa was a little luckier, thus making her way to the finals by winning 236:227.

Men Semi-finals
Top 4

The winner of the qualification Jaroslav Lorenc of the Czech Republic played Hadley Morgan of England. Until the 7th frame there was a one pin difference. In the eighth, Jaroslav made a perfect pocket shot, but left a ringing seven pin. Hadley struck in the eighth and ninth securing himself a win in this game – 264:246. In game 2, Hadley struggled, while Jaroslav strated with a front ten. The score of the second game was 289:199. In game 3, Jaroslav did not give Hadley a slightest chance, and by shooting a perfect game secured himself his spot in the finals (300:183).

In semi-final two, the second seeded James Gruffman of Sweden met Antonino Fiorentino of Italy. James started with a front eight and made himself a comfortable lead which he retained until the end. He won game 1 266:242. In the second game, we saw 22 strikes. James shot 290 but lost to Antonino by 9 pins – 299:290. The last game was exciting as well. Antonio needed two strikes in the last frame to surpass James. Unfortunately for him, he made just one, thus sending James to the finals (245:237).

Women Final step 2
Top 8

The top four women taking place in the playoffs are known. Since the first three had a comfortable lead, the attention was directed to the fight for the fourth spot. Nadine Geißler of Germany started with two 240 games, thus seizing the fourth place from Solene Goron of France. Before the last game, Nadine was leading by just four pins. In game 4, Solene started very well, while Nadine was struggling. But then Nadine started striking and she struck in the ninth and the tenth to make the final score of 224. Solene struck in the ninth but in the tenth the ten pin remained standing which sent Nadine to the top 4.

Men Final step 2
Top 8

The semi-finalists of the ECC 2016 are known to us as well. The first two spots were more or less obvious, but from the third place down, the situation was very dramatic and the spectators were thrilled until the very last shots of game 4. The defending champion, Jonas Jähi of Finland, strated spectacularly (268 + 256) and was nearing the fourth spot. Along with him, Jesper Agerbo of Denmark did not want to lose his chance to advance to the top four. His score in the initial two games was 491. However, in the third game he bowled only 196, which shattered his hopes for the top 4. Jonas, after 244 in the third game, bowled only 206, which prevented him from reaching the semi-finals. On the other hand, Antonio Fiorentino and Hedley Morgan bowled two high last games (269+277 and 258+277 respectively) securing themselves the place in the semis. The top 4 are J. Lorenc, J. Gruffman, A. Fiorentino and H. Morgan. 

Men Final step 1
Top 16

Now we know the top 8 men qualifiers. After playing 8 more games, the field of 16 was trimmed to 8. Jaroslav Lorenc of the host country retains the lead with a total pinfall of 5776 over James Gruffman from Sweden (5666) and Antonio Fiorentino from Italy (5568). Like in the women’s compatition, the end was very dramatic and we did not know until the last frame who will advance. There were three players fighting for two places. Finally, the unlucky one was Glenn Morten Pedersen of Norway who stayed behind Jesper Agerbo of Denmark and Arnar David Jonsson by 17 and 4 pins respectively.

We asked the two lucky qualifiers to describe their feelings in their last game. The first one is Jesper Agerbo:
“Before the last game I was seventh, but suddenly in the third frame I was ninth. However, I knew I had to remain consistent and stick to my game. In the last frame, I needed two strikes. I managed to do it and I advanced.”

The second one is Arnar David Jonsson:
“I knew I had to bowl a high game. Fortunately, I started with a couple of strikes and my chances to advance were still alive. In the tenth frame, I needed to fill 17 pins. I bowled nine and had to make a single pin spare, which I made. Then I stayed focused on my fill ball since I needed 7 pins. I bowled a strike and secured my spot in the top 8.”